This assembly is action packed!

He performs feats of strength such as bending steel bars, rolling up frying pans like they are newspapers, twisting horseshoes into hearts and breaking steel chains. When they watch the feats, when they are in a state of awe, when their jaw is still on the floor it is in this moment that they will be extremely receptive to the character development messages in this inspirational presentation.

Mindblowing feats of strength will capture their attention

Picture your students with their jaws on the floor as they see him crushing steel, nails and heavy duty wrenches, rolling up a frying pan like it was a magazine and driving a nail through a board by hand. While the audience is still on the edge of their seat, it is in this window of opportunity that he will have the undivided attention of every single person in the room and even the toughest of audiences will listen intently to his inspiring story and the lessons of personal development that come with it. This is a full on mind altering experience.

They can learn the character development lessons that create high achievement, straight from the strongman's mouth!

The audience will be spellbound as they hear an inspirational speech that uses compelling storytelling to take them with him on his journey of self discovery, breaking free of self imposed limits and learning from some of the best mentors from within the unique subculture of steel bending strongmen. It will feel as if they’re the ones walking in his shoes, overcoming struggles with him, discovering themselves and their own strength inside his late mentor’s gym while becoming the star of a transformational journey. Laced throughout the personal stories are messages about overcoming adversity, anti-bullying, staying positive, leadership, self esteem, resilience, respect for others, achieving goals and the steel bending strongmen’s secret to success. These messages are important particularly for students to hear and not only hear but believe not just because they’ve seen it with their own eyes and touched the steel with their own hands. It’ll be because they felt as if they were the ones his transformational journey themselves and discovering their own passions and potential in the process.

Here's the simple 3 part formula that will make you look like a star for finding him.

  1. Attention Grabbing Feats of Strength (Action Packed!)  
  2. Engaging Inspirational Speech (Character Education) 
  3. Presentation that entertains and truly inspires…and it works like a charm!!!

This is the experience that will create a buzz about you and your school and the one that the students will be thanking you for. This is not some silly, gimmicky costumed superhero knock off. This guy is legit. He holds a world record in bending steel, and has performed on television.

Because of the high physical demands of this presentation and because supplies are limited, the presenter purposefully limits his availability to a maximum of eight presentations per month. To find the availability of speaking engagements or media interviews, simply submit your info and the presenter will email you. 

Submit Your Info Today!

P.S. Check out some of the testimonials from his previous engagements

"His strength feats are amazing; he’s a rockstar! I can’t recommend him highly enough. His presentation gets people to believe that anything is possible!”

Dr. Rob Gilbert, Professor of Sports Psychology at Montclair State University

"I've never seen something so phenomenal and inspiring." Arty K. (student)


College, Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Connecticut CT, Delaware DE, Maryland MD, Massachusetts MA, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, North Carolina NC, Pennsylvania PA

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