Mime Keith Berger and Actor David Prather team up to deliver a one two punch
in this exceptionally informative entertainment. Adding humor and physical comedy to the very serious subject of bullying, Berger and Prather enact a series of thought provoking vignettes:

 "The Annoying Name calling Bully Dude"

... ignoring the bully is sometimes the best strategy.

"The Robot Bully Dude" 
... learning that empathy is the opposite of bullying.

"The Bully Dudette”
... specific girl bully issues involving popularity and having the courage to stand up to the “mean girl”.

“The Buddy Bully Dude”
... the key role of the bystander and the importance of reporting bullying to an adult.





Elementary School, Kindergarten, Middle School


Arizona AZ, California CA, Nevada NV

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