School Assemblies are the perfect way to captivate, engage and enrich your students. Greg Zelnik uses storytelling, music, puppetry and magic that are guaranteed to amaze! He is one the funniest children’s educational presenters and entertainers in the NC, SC and VA areas. His funny assembly programs are very affordable and offer memories that last a lifetime. What is an Educational Presenter? An educational presenter is someone who understands not only how to educate children but, also how to entertain them at the same time. Children like to actively participate. By combining visual, audile, and kinesthetic approaches children will remember what they learned for much longer. Making it fun and entertaining helps them keep an interest in what they are learning. Combining story telling, puppetry, comedy, magic, music and child participation into one program with an educational message will have the children wanting to learn more. Greg Zelnik has put together presentations that are pertinent to the students, introduces or reinforces integrated concepts, inspires independent learning is based on factual information and are important subjects among educators. These programs are humorous, engaging, magical, and educational. They not only bring to life the lessons to be learned, they also teach children the many opportunities in the library and the value of reading.


Elementary School, High School, Middle School


North Carolina NC, South Carolina SC, Virginia VA

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