Discovery Domes joins

Posted 7/15/2019

Discovery Domes is a brand-new portable planetarium in association with DoDad's Lab. Don't let new fool you. The team at DoDad's Lab has over 30 years of experience educating and entertaining all ages. Using... > More

A Real Mad Hatter joins

Posted 6/19/2019

Schools, Libraries, Colleges, Theaters, and Community Centers   The science of bubbles made fun and exciting with interaction from the audience, music and LED lighting, and bubbles that will blow your... > More


Posted 6/19/2019

All About Animals provides science and nature based live animal assembies for all grade levels and learning abilities. With a wide variety of animals and a fun and energetic presenter, our assemblies are the... > More

Musician joins

Posted 6/7/2019

I'm endorsed by Conn/Selmer as a national performer, nominee for the 51st Grammy's, and a promoter for various festivals (Nashville, TN., Marietta, Oh., Parkersburg, WV., Bowling Green,... > More

Dare to Dance joins

Posted 6/7/2019

This popular Dare to Dance School Assembly program is geared towards elementary school level.  Customized to fit your school, Dare to Dance has participated in Red Ribbon Week, Fitness Week, Health Week,... > More

Yes, You Can! Motivational Programs joins

Posted 4/28/2019

In this motivational address, Lloyd Bachrach inspires others with his riveting story about living with a severe physical disability. Born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency (PFFD), a rare congenital bone... > More

Friendly Feet Circus joins

Posted 4/28/2019

Let us bring the circus to you! Our fun, interactive performances captivate students and teachers alike. We engage, entertain and use circus to deliver positive messages about the importance of moving your... > More

The Gaelic Harper joins

Posted 4/24/2019

I perform on the wire-strung Gaelic Harp accompanied by stories of the harp, the music, the players and the times in which they lived.   Incredibly beautiful music interspersed with stories that are both... > More

Dovetail Presentations joins

Posted 3/25/2019

Students experience entertaining lessons about the need for being friends, not bullies. Lessons include: The different types of bullying, the differences between bullies, victims and witnesses, six strategies... > More

Magic Suzy joins

Posted 3/25/2019

Hi, I'm Magic Suzy, the #1 Comedy Kid's Magician in Saint Petersburg / Tampa Florida! I perform comedy magic shows for children's birthday parties, preschools, libraries, churches, summer camps,... > More