Creatures in Mythology, Culture and History concentrates on the reptiles in our collective consciences. The program, of course, is presented at the level of understanding of the children we are seeing. Some concepts maybe changed or omitted depending on the sophistication of out audience.

Reptiles are deep in our minds and our society to a surprising degree. These social studies-science assemblies cross-overs look at the facts within the fictions of why many of these animals have become so prominent Creatures in Mythology.

We will look at the creation of the story of King Kong, which is derived from the finding of the Komodo Dragon! If turtles have influenced anything but our taste buds and the amazing power of the dragon in our society that goes mostly unnoticed but is obvious in our fears of the snake and the crocodile.

It's a fun and interesting ride through the world of reptiles AND the mind of the audience!


Elementary School, High School, Middle School


Connecticut CT, New Jersey NJ, New York NY, Pennsylvania PA

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